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Proudly using cruelty free, premium ingredients.

***Book full facials 10-12pm  or after 3:30pm ONLY.***

health restrictions & policies

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A La Carte Options

These treatments can be  added to full services for less.


See Contraindications before booking.

Book 2ws before your special events.

$60  face

$85  face, neck, chest

Lactic, Peptide, Salicylic or Glycolic    

The most effective treatment you can get!  Reach deep without unsightly peeling.  Resurface, promote collagen, plumps skin, treat wrinkles, acne, lighten age & sun spots, increase elasticity.

Includes SPF &  ultra hydrating serum. 

Best every 4-6 weeks  



Facial Add-on. Freezing cold therapy to tighten, cool massage & depuff.

GUA SHA  $15

Facial Add-on. Lymph drainage face massage to reduce puffiness & detox.


Facial Add-on. Red & white light spectrum, including infrared, to stimulate collagen & even skin tone.

DERMAPLANE  50min/  $85

Exfoliate &  hair removal to create ultra smooth skin, ready to better absorb an included rich serum and hydrator.  Not recommended for active acne or sensitive skin.

HIGH FREQUENCY  10min/ $12

Current to zap acne, increase oxygen, circulation, kill bacteria .

ULTRASOUND + LED  15min/  $25

Mild  ultrasound waves assist serums in penetrating the skin to  tone/tighten, plump, hydrate, increase circulation & kill bacteria.  Not for clients with pacemakers.


*** Book between 10-12pm  or  After 3:30pm ONLY.***

RELAX & REFRESH   1hr/ $99 

Need a little R&R? Cleanse, exfoliation, steam, face/ neck/décolletage/ dreamy massage, a customized face mask with arm/hand treatment, steamed lavendar towels, finished with a refreshing toner, elegant serum & hydrating face lotion  to target your main concerns. (Suggested add-on, Peel $35).

DETOX FACIAL  1hr/ $115

Awaken dull skin with this treatment: Detox Tea, double cleanse, enzyme oxygen cloud mask with steam, face/neck/décolletage gua sha massage to drain lymph & increase blood circulation, a Kerafole or Charcoal purging mask with arm treatment, steam towels, extractions, finished with a refreshing toner, customized hydration, brightening serum & cream. (Replace mask for a peel for $35)


$155 (with peel) 

$125  (no peel)


See Contraindications before booking.

Fight the signs of aging with this potent skin firming treatment. This service includes: Detox tea, double cleanse, steam & hot towels,  either an exfoliant mask or a peel, contouring-myofascial release face & décolleté massage, arm & hand treatment, anti-aging serum under an anti-aging mask, finished with a rich hydrating face cream. LED with red infrared & white light spectrum for collagen production & sun damage

ACNE CONTROL   45min/ $90 

(includes careful extractions)

Acne comes in three levels:

Severe a dermatologist should always be consulted.

Moderate may require some pustules to be left alone. 

Mild all treatments can be applied.

Mild to moderate acne can be controlled with proper care & helpful instruction.

During skin analysis we look into skin type, current products & regimen, age & lifestyle. The goal of your first visit is to cleanse, use targeted products for your skin type and to kill bacteria. Gentle steam might be used depending on the level of acne & extractions needed. Heat & face massage may not be appropriate. To soften the skin, disencrustation is accomplished for extractions, a mask or a mild salicylic peel will be applied, then finished with customized topicals followed by either High Frequency or LED therapy to kill bacteria. Follow-up visits will be needed for good results. (Add LED therapy or High Frequency  $20/adds 20min)

ROSACEA  1hr/ $85

This service is best booked when skin is not inflamed. Rosacea can be exacerbated by heat & pressure, but this doesn't mean you have to miss out on pampering yourself. This treatment is cooling, mild and specially formulated. It includes: gentle cleanse, an anti-inflammatory mask with a therapeutic massage,  a décolletage & arm massage, warm towels, finished with a soothing serum and healing creams. 

TWO-PERSON  FACIAL  90min/ $250

 A dual facial for Couples, BFF's or Mommy & Me (6yrs+). *Note: Treatment will be done by one service provider, without cross-contamination, alternating back & forth between clients laying side-by-side in two beds. Children will receive a gentle, safe, hydrating treatment. ....Service includes hot steam scented towels, hydrating enzyme mask, facial+neck+décolleté+arm & hand  massage, luxurious serums & hydration. Complementary rosé  for Couples & BFF's of age.

Back Treatment

*** Book between 10-12pm  or  After 3:30pm ONLY.***

 "BACIAL"   1hr/ $110 

A bacial is a facial for your back. A luxurious massage plus skincare. Exfoliate a scaly Winter back or get your back Summer-ready with acne treatment or soothe a sunburn. Includes dry brushing, steam exfoliation, back massage, extractions, an enzymatic mask is wrapped while you receive an emollient neck & shoulder massage, down the arms to the fingertips. Finished with customized hydration. Winter includes Sunlight therapy.( See add-ons for Lactic Peel $35)


Rescheduling & Cancelations must be made within 48hrs advance notice. Less than 48hrs can incur a  40-50% reservation fee.

No shows will incur a 100% reservation fee. 

Please understand the financial loss incurred when estheticians are not given the chance to fill canceled time slots. Rebel Studio does use discretion when giving allowances to loyal clients with good track records. If you are a newer client, this option is unavailable. 


Late arrivals are allowed, however since other clients have reserved time slots after yours, your finish time will not be extended, while still paying the full price of the service. 


Please read Contraindications.


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