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Booking Policy

By selecting the "Booking Button" you are subject to the terms of the Booking Policy.

Should you No-Show your appointment, you are agreeing to pay the fee as described herein.

Automatic appointment confirmations & reminders are provided.

Fees are rarely enforced here at Rebel, usually the result of blatant disregard.

Rebel Studio chooses to waive penalties, within reason, to loyal clients with good track records.

If you are a newer client, or have been given grace in the past, penalties cannot be waived.


Cancelations & rescheduling must be made with 48hrs notice. Anything less than 48hrs is considered last minute notice. This timeframe only truly allows the service provider 13 functioning-daytime hours, while working, to offer the time slot to the public, usually discounted or to no avail.

"Canceling" means the client gave a courtesy call to cancel.

"No-Show" means there was no courtesy call, no attempt by the client to contact the service provider.

Cancelation without rescheduling, with less than 48hrs notice, may incur a 50% cost of the booked reservation. 

Rescheduling less than 48hrs creates the same dilemma as cancellations, but the amount of the fee can be less or voided, depending on how much service time was blocked and the circumstances.  Fee ranges from 0%-50%.

No-shows will incur 100% of the cost of the booked reservation.

Regardless that the service isn't rendered, the fee pays for blocking others from booking my services.   


Late arrivals are allowed, however since other clients have reserved time slots, your service time will not be extended. Your service will be adjusted to whatever time allows, while still remaining full price.


At no time does Rebel Studio share or sell visitor information. All purchases and personal information are confidential & secure through merchant services. Our clients and website visitors are not solicited or spammed with ads or offers. 

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