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Please read Cancelation Policy, below, before booking.

Understanding the the risks or limitations for each service is also required before booking.

Please see Contraindications and Full Disclosure

on each service page to ensure each service right for you.

(Example:  Clients new to extensions or tints must book an allergy test and chemical peels have limitations.)


Cancelations must be made with at least 24hrs advance notice. Anything less than 24hrs notice is considered, "last minute cancelation". 

Last minute cancelations or no-shows will incur a Reservation fee.

Reservation fees do not pay for the service, but do pay for a portion of the reserved time slot and is non-refundable for last minute cancelations or no-shows.

Please understand the financial loss incurred when estheticians are not given the chance to fill canceled time slots. Reservation Fees do not recover the full loss to the esthe. We are human so Rebel Studio does use discretion when giving allowances to loyal clients with good track records. If you are a newer client, this option is unavailable. All clients, please immediately mark your calendar with alerts.


Late arrivals are allowed, however since other clients have reserved time slots after yours, your time slot will not be extended. A client that is 15min late for a 1hr reservation, must still pay the full price even if they use only 45min of their reserved spot. NOTE: In this case you will only get as much service that is possible in 45min. So lateness means less service time, but still paying full original price for the booked time slot.

Most spas and lash technicians do not allow lateness beyond 10min. Here are Rebel, we allow the client to choose how to use their time. If you are so late that you decide to cancel last minute or no-show, please read Cancelation Policy.


At no time does Rebel Studio share or sell information. All purchases and personal information are confidential. Our clients and any visitors or browsers of this website are not solicited or spammed with ads or offers. To receive seasonal offers, please inquire or opt in for an email contact. 

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