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Eyelash Extensions Common Questions

Common Questions

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Whether a client is new to Rebel, new to lash lifts, has or has-had extensions from another studio, a consult is required. 

Even if you just want a fill, a brand new client requires more time than a regular appointment allows, so Rebel studio requires consulting in advance of the full is why:

Most of the time, existing extensions are much more thinned out, grown out or heavily styled than the client is aware of. What the client sees from the front is way different than what the lash tech sees from the backside. Consults prevent unforeseen financial hardships. Also, due to the 48hr cancelation policy, if the prospective client does not agree with the recommendations, they are free to cancel their "future" full service appointment well in advance.

A consultation includes picture, video & assessment you can use to see how your current extensions were applied or an education on what weight is right for you, so you know exactly what to ask any artist in the future. 


To see what a consultation entails, watch my video on Instagram @rebel_lashandbeauty titled "What Is Included in a Rebel Consultation". (Social media links above) Read all service items thoroughly before booking.


Foreign Fills:

I don't take clients with existing extension blindly, especially if they are unsatisfied with their existing artist or the lashes.

Consults can be done a couple days before the full service, but if a client chooses to forego an advanced consult, the fill costs more to allow time for inspection and to address any issues with unhealthy application. It takes up more time.

One-Time Fills

The Difference Between Styles:

Classic is one individual/single extension, applied to every individual natural lash for a natural look of length & density.

Volume is one handmade little "bouquet" made of multiple extensions, placed on each individual lash. This more than quadruples the density of the lashes. Hybrids are a mix of Classic & Volume but only approved during in-person consultation, to ensure the client has enough lashes to suit the way this style sheds. The 1/2  Set - Wings  are a partial set, a one-time service for clients that want swept upward outer corners for a special occasion

Classic vs Volume
48hr Policy

48hr Policy:

24hrs is not enough time to fill sudden openings. Half of that 24hrs overlaps a work day when busy serving clients, after hours, or includes midnight through dawn when offers cannot be seen by the public. So 48hrs minimum is the most considerate cancelation timing or last minute rescheduling. Beauty providers perform services that consumers budget and plan in advance for, so it is highly unlikely that existing clients, already booked in advance, would want to come in sooner. Without a public salon with walk-in appointments, we just cannot fill last minute openings efficiently.

Cancelation vs No-Show

Cancelation Fees  vs  No-Show Fee:

"Cancelation" means the client has reached out in advance to the business phone line, to cancel the appointment. If this is done 48hrs prior, there are no fees. If it is done with less than 48hrs, there is a 50% deposit fee (See reasons under 48hr policy) 

A "No-Show" is not the same as canceling. No-Showing means the client made no advanced contact to prepare the service provider. This not only blocked others from booking in advance but it also prevented the service provider from attempting to fill the time slot, while it also waisted dispensed products and prevented the service provider from using their time in any other constructive way.  No-showing requires a 100% cost for the entire booked price.

What is a Fill?:

A fill is a regularly scheduled "refill" or touch-up to maintain the density of your initial full set.

Classic & Hybrid fills are every 2-3wks.

Volume fills are every 3-4wks.

Staying within your fill due date and having 40-50% extensions remaining is required to qualify for a fill price.

NOTE: If you have Classic lashes, you cannot suddenly switch to volume fills. In order to maintain the density of volume lashes, you have to start with full volume. Hybrid (a mix of classic & volume) must be requested in-person consultation and filled every 2 weeks. If you have existing extensions from elsewhere, you must schedule a consultation before booking so I can inspect the work first.


Preparing for Your Appointment:

  1. Cancelations or rescheduling must be made with at least 48hrs notice. Read entire policy at the bottom of page.

  2. Children or extra guests are prohibited.

  3. Avoid caffeine and liquids 2hrs before your appointment to avoid eye fluttering & restlessness.

  4. Be on time. Late arrival effects application time. Price will not be discounted.

  5. Arrive without eye makeup and lashes freshly clean that morning with Lash Cleanser. (see Makeup Removal fee) 

  6. Use the restroom upon arrival to avoid the need during your service.

  7. Once you lay down, eyes must stay closed, no checking your phone.

  8. Silence phone or lower volume.

  9. Lash work is like surgical precision, so minimal talking to avoid eye fluttering.

  10. Enjoy a lovely nap. It is a real treat and very relaxing.


Adverse Reaction:

An optional allergy test is available for those new to lash extensions.  (see Allergy Test)   Allergy tests are very weak and do not guarantee a reaction will not occur in the future.  Long time extension wearers can have a reaction later, even after wearing extensions for months/years. If client develops a reaction, there are two options.

Option 1) Try different techniques & adhesive for sensitive eyes. 

Option 2) Switch to a Lash Lift. Using a serum will enhance results. 

If a client passes the initial allergy test, but still has a reaction no time are there refunds. After implementing all due diligence, we cannot predict the unforeseeable.  However, client happiness is important to me, so I offer several solutions.   


How long it takes:

It depends on which style you are getting. Full sets range from 2-4hrs. Fill times range from 1.5hrs-2.5hrs. Lash extension services, done right, are lengthy... But unlike other beauty treatments, you get to lay & sleep during a lash service. The time range for full sets vs lash fills are listed on the LASHES page. 


Will extensions damage my lashes?

The answer is "No"...but with a disclaimer. It is 100% dependant on your stylist.  Lash extensions done correctly will help you take better care of your lashes than you did prior to extensions.  

  • Aftercare Kit;  Every client should be given one, with clear instructions on cleansing & maintenance.

  • Clients should not feel pinching, discomfort or lashes feel heavy. It should feel so light and airy that clients forget they even have them on.

How long do they last? 

This depends on how you maintain them (makeup, cleansing, rubbing eyes), your lifestyle (swimming, saunas, sports), how fast your natural lashes grow/shed. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1.  Shedding: of the natural lashes is normal & healthy. You always have three types of lashes growing side-by-side at different rates;..."baby" lashes, "teenage" lashes, "adult" lashes. Adult lashes fall out, up to 2-6, daily. This is why we get regular fills. When your adult lashes naturally shed, the extension connected to that lash will shed with it. In addition to natural shedding, younger lashes are growing out with extensions attached. Justlike  hair extensions grow out, the grown out extensions are removed & replaced during your fill. Keeping your fills on schedule will maintain your desired fullness & prevent twists.

  2. Heavy Shedding:  We all go through an accelerated shed sometimes. It can happen during hormone cycle, seasonal allergies, or health deficiency. This is not easy to predict, so don't be discouraged if you need your fill sooner or extended fill from time to time. 

  3. Retention:  Depends on your lifestyle and how you treat your lashes. Don't rub your eyes. Keep the lashes clean. Avoid waterproof makeup.

  4. Washing your lashes AM & PM removes an accumulated flaky, waxy film that causes retention issues. 

  5. Estimated lifespan of extensions:  A one time application for a special occasion should last & shed over a period of a month or more. If you want to maintain the density of your extensions, come back for fills; Classic = every 2=3wks.  Volume = every 3=4wks. You will find out how long you should go after getting 3 fills or so.  


I Don't Think I Need a Lash Fill Yet 

What a client sees, looking face-on in a mirror, is totally different from what a lash artist sees looking at the back of the lashes. Even if they look great face-on, there is extension grow out & empty new growth that cannot be seen in a mirror.

At the recommended fill times, you need to have about 50% extensions left. Of that percentage, another 10-15%  will be removed & replaced. The general timing between fills is shown in prior question/answer.

Do not cancel your fills based on how your lashes look to you. Your stylist will know your lashes better than you, so trust their recommended fill times to avoid paying more. 

Need a Fill?

Are extensions high maintenance

Not if you love waking up daily with your eyes already done. Big time saver!

Cleansing is easy. You can get the lashes wet, swim & shower.

Here are more care guidelines:

  1. Avoid waterproof eye makeup​ & waterproof removers.

  2. Wash lashes with an approved lash cleanser, both AM & PM regardless if you haven't worn makeup. 

  3. Try choosing styles/length that wear the longest. Make sure fill schedule works with your lifestyle.


Which style to choose:

They are each lovely so here are the differences to help you decide.

Classic Lashes A more natural look. One individual extensions put on each one of your individual natural lashes. You can request them to look light & natural, thicker & longer or more bold. Fills are every 2 weeks.

Volume Lashes Depending on the style chosen, a handmade fan is created by bundling 4-7 individual very lightweight lash extensions into the shape of a fan or 'bouquet". Each fan is then adhered to one of your natural lashes, creating a beyond-mascara look ranging from light to dramatic. Fills are 2hrs, every three weeks.

Mega Volume Is feather-light and can be very light, or dense, or dark. Delicate bouquets made of 8-12 feather light extensions. Full sets take up to 4-4.5 hours to initially create. Fills are 2.5hrs, every three weeks.

Which Style

Is formaldehyde in the adhesive?

Rebel Lash only uses very high quality, medical grade & cosmetic grade adhesives. But in any case, there is no formaldehyde based adhesive. 


Why prices vary:

When comparing prices take note:

Are you getting an advanced artist or a newbie? Do they strictly abide by proper licensing, purchasing top quality products and invest in luxuries for your comfort? Luxuries would include, online booking, automated appointment reminders, the softest mink-like lashes,  gel eye pads, latex free medical tape, cleansing of the lashes before application, a soft clean bed in a quiet environment. Longer appointments with advanced artist usually equate to fuller coverage and longer lasting retention. Your lashes will not be homely between fills if you are paying a top tier artist for advanced work.  


Can I get lash extensions just once?

Of course! Extensions can be a one-time service if you have a special occasion, such as a prom, wedding/honeymoon. Your one-time lash set will thin out slowly over a period of one month. 

Brow Lamination

What is Brow Lamination:

Just like Lash Lifts, this treatment is a fixative that plumps up & also tames your brows to take a specific shape for up to 4-6 weeks. Brows will look more defined, fuller and the arch enhanced. If you've ever penciled in your brows, then applied a brow soap or a gel to force it to swoop upward all day...this is the service you want. A brow lift will make your brows obedient to your desired shaping. It will also give mature eyes a very noticeable lift. Many clients appear to have had a surgical lift after a lamination. It can take 5 years off the eyes! Retention depends on lifestyle and aftercare products used.



Rescheduling & Cancelations must be made within 48hrs advance notice. Less than 48hrs can incur a  40-50% reservation fee.

No shows will incur a 100% reservation fee. 

Reservation fees pay for the reserved time slot.

Please understand the financial loss incurred when stylists are not given enough time to fill canceled time slots. Reservation Fees do not recover the full loss to the stylist. We are human so Rebel Studio does use discretion when giving allowances to loyal clients with good track records. If you are a newer client, this option is unavailable. Automated appointment reminders are sent.

Please immediately mark your calendar with alerts.


Late arrivals are allowed, however since other clients have reserved time slots after yours, your finish time will not be extended. A client that is 15min late for a 1hr reservation, must still pay the full price even if they use only 45min of their reserved spot. 

If you are so late that you decide to cancel last minute or no-show, please read Cancelation Policy.


At no time does Rebel Studio share or sell information. All purchases and personal information are confidential. Our clients and any visitors or browsers of this website are not solicited or spammed with ads or offers. To receive seasonal offers, please inquire or opt in for email contact. Sign up as a follower on Instagram and Rebel's Google business page will give you alerts on specials.

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