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The Difference Between Classic & Volume:

Classic is one individual extension, applied to every individual natural lash. This increases length and density. Volume is one handmade little bouquet of multiple extensions, placed on each individual lash. This multiplies how many lashes you have, adding much more density and length.


What is a Fill?:

A fill is a "refill" that you must regularly schedule in order to maintain the density of your original full set. Classic fills are every two weeks. Volume fills are every three weeks. You must be on time for your required fill time and have 50% extensions remaining to qualify to book a "Fill".  If you have Classic lashes, you cannot suddenly book volume fills and switch to every three weeks or your lashes will look gappy between fills. In order to maintain the density of volume lashes, you have to START with a volume full set. Hybrid (a mix of classic & volume) sets also can look gappy between fills, so they must be filled every 2 weeks which is why I do not recommend them. Light volume is much more affordable when fills are every 3 weeks and they stay fluffy between fills. If you have existing extensions from elsewhere, you must schedule a consultation before booking a fill with Rebel studio so I can inspect the work first.


Preparing for Your Appointment:

  1. Cancelations must be made with at least 24hrs notice. Fees apply for last minute cancelations or no-shows. Read entire policy at the bottom of this page.

  2. No children or extra guests please.

  3. Avoid caffeine and heavy liquids before appointment to avoid eye fluttering & restlessness.

  4. Be on time. Late arrival effects how much can be applied during your allotted time. Price will not be discounted.

  5. Arrive without eye makeup and with lashes freshly clean with Lash Cleanser. (see Makeup Removal) 

  6. Use the restroom upon arrival to avoid the need during your service.

  7. Eye contacts may be removed before or upon arrival. Complimentary saline & lens storage are available if needed. 

  8. Once you are laying down, eyes must stay closed with no getting up or checking your phone.

  9. Silence phone or lower volume.

  10. Lash work is like surgical precision, so no talking to avoid eye fluttering.

  11. Enjoy a lovely nap while your lashes get glam. It is a real treat and very relaxing.


Adverse Reaction:

An allergy test is an option for all clients who are new to lash extensions.  (see Allergy Test)   Allergy tests are not full-proof and do not guarantee a reaction will not occur.  Long time extension wearers can have a reaction later, even after wearing extensions for months/years. If client develops a late allergy there are two options.

Option 1) Try a different adhesive for sensitive eyes. This may create a need for more frequent lash fills due to shorter retention, but not always. Each client's lashes & lifestyle are different so it is a trial.

Option 2) Switch to lash tint & lift. 

If a client passes the initial allergy test, but still has a reaction no time are there refunds in these situations, unfortunately. After implementing all due diligence, we cannot predict the unforeseeable.  However, client happiness is important to me, so I remove the lashes and usually find a way to contribute something to make  feel my client feel better.   


How long it takes:

It depends on which style you are getting. Keep in mind, for classic sets, your stylist is adhering one individual lash onto each one of your individual natural lashes. For volume lashes, lightweight handmade fans (or little bouquets) comprised of several lashes are attached to each one single natural lash. This type of service is lengthy, just like full cut & color or balayage at the hair salon. But unlike the salon, you get to have a nice beauty sleep during a lash service. So don't drink caffeine & avoid water within the hour prior to service. The time range for full sets vs lash fills are listed on the LASHES page. 


Will extensions damage my lashes?

The answer is "No"...but with a disclaimer. Research your stylist before they touch your eyes!  Lash extensions should be very safe for your natural lashes if the stylist does the following:

  • Use the correct weight & length for each client to avoid damage.

  • Avoid lash sticking;  This is when the stylist lets lashes get stuck together. As you will read in the answer below, each lash grows at different rates, so if two are stuck together one will pull on the other. This eventually causes permanent damage when lashes are prematurely pulled out of the bulb, at the root.

  • Avoid too much adhesive;  This adds unnecessary weight to the lashes. 

  • Aftercare Kit;  Every client should be given one, with clear instructions on maintenence.

How long do they last? 

This depends on how you maintain them (makeup/cleansing routine, rubbing eyes), your lifestyle (swimming, saunas, etc), how naturally oily your real lashes are, how fast your lashes grow/shed. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Your lashes take turns shedding & regrowing at different rates. You always have three types of lashes growing side-by-side; "baby" lashes, "teenage" lashes, "adult" lashes. These adult lashes fall out, up to 2-4, daily. Shedding is normal & healthy. (This is why we get fills every 2-3 weeks.) When your adult lashes naturally shed, the extension connected to that lash will shed with it. In addition to adult lash shedding, the younger lashes are growing, with extensions attached. So, just like hair extensions that grow out...during a fill, some of these grown out lash extensions are removed & replaced when they've grown out too far away from the eyelids. This prevents the tip of the young lashes from becoming top-heavy and keeps the lash-line nice & dark. Keeping your fills on schedule will maintain your desired fullness and preserve the health of your lashes.

  2. Heavy Shedding:  We all go through an accelerated "shed" sometimes. It can happen during hormone cycle. It can happen in Fall or when Winter shifts to Spring. This is not often and not always easy to predict, so don't be discouraged if you need your fill sooner from time to time. 

  3. Retention:  Depends on your lifestyle and how you treat your lashes. Don't rub your eyes. This is common rule of thumb whether you have extensions or not. They don't have to be high maintenance...but they are an investment so plan on replacing waterproof or oily eye makeup and and keeping oil-based skin care off the lashes. 

  4. Washing your lashes AM & PM increases their lifespan. 

  5. So if you follow the advice above, here is the estimated lifespan of extensions:  If you are getting extensions one time for a special occasion, they should last & shed over a period of a month or more. If you want to maintain your look and thickness, come back for your fills, typically every 2 for Classic and 3wks for Volume. You will find out how long you should go, after trying them for a month or two.  


I Don't Think I Need a Lash Fill Yet 

What a client sees, looking face-on in a mirror, is totally different from what a lash artist sees looking at the back of the lashes. Even if they look great face-on, there is growout & empty lashes (new growth) that cannot be seen in a mirror. At the recommended fill times, you need to have about 50% extensions left...Of that percentage, another 10-15%  will be removed & replaced, then new growth will need extensions. The general timing between fills is:

Volume - Fills every 3 weeks.

Classic - Fills every 2 weeks.

Do not cancel your fills based on how your lashes look to you in the mirror. Your stylist will know your lashes better than you, so trust their recommended fill times to avoid paying more for delayed fills. 


Are extensions high maintenance

I don't personally think so. I love waking up with my eye makeup already ahead of the game, but it's based on your opinion. 

A lash after-care kit is provided to take the guess work out of it. Here are the care guidelines to help you decide:

  1. ​Plan on wearing water-based eye-care & makeup just around your eyes. (cleanser, concealer, eye cream, shadow, liner)

  2. When you wash your face every morning & night, wash lashes with an approved lash cleanser. 

  3. Schedule your fills every 2-3 weeks based on your rate of shedding & stylist's suggestion. 

  4. The real maintenance is in showing up for your appointment. Make sure this works with your lifestyle.


Which style to choose:

They are both lovely so here are the differences to help you decide.

Classic Lashes are for those who like a more natural look. They are individual extensions put on each of your individual natural lashes. You can request them to look light & natural, thicker & longer or more bold. 

Volume Lashes are for clients who want their eyes to make a real statement. Volume is created by making "fans". Depending on the style chosen, a fan is anywhere from 4-8 individual very lightweight lash extensions made into the shape of a fan or 'bouquet". Each fan is then adhered to one of your natural lashes, creating a beyond-mascara, fluffy look.

Mega Volume Are feather light and can be very dense, dark and glamorous. These can be light or "Kim K' inspired or using fans made of 8-12 extensions and can take up to 4-4.5 hours to initially create. Fills would be 2-2.5hrs or so, once a month.


Is formaldehyde in the adhesive?

No. Rebel Lash uses very high quality adhesives for the best retention and to minimize chances of reaction. Everyone is different so one person may love the adhesive, where the next person needs a sensitive grade. But in neither case will the adhesive be formulated with formaldehyde. 


Why prices vary:

As the market becomes saturated with lash stylist, there will become varying levels of skill and certification. Lash technicians who invest in continued education, who strictly abide by proper licensing & safety, who purchase top quality products and who invest in studios that give their clients comfort and luxuries will have higher cost than lash stylists who do not. If prices seem too good to be true, chances are that the quality & safety will not be up to par. Do your research and please be safe. 


Can I get lash extensions just once?

You are never contractually obligated to return to Rebel for fills. Extensions can be a one-time service if you have a special occasion, such as a wedding/honeymoon. Your one-time lash set will thin out slowly over a period of one month. For those who want ongoing service, you are not obligated to rebook through me...however, there are benefits of scheduling fills in advance. You get priority and first dibs on my heavily booked schedule. Also, sticking with one stylist helps prevent inconsistent styling that comes from changing technicians. Your lash stylist should know you well and can style you faster with each fill.


Rewards for regulars:

Lash artistry is time intensive and costly for high quality products. There will be seasonal discounts from time to time, but negotiating is not accepted. On the other hand, stylists form bonds with their regular clients and do reward them. It's easy for these moments to go unnoticed because they are random acts of gratitude. It may be that you lost your lash brush and need a replacement, or you loved the face cream and want a sample. Somtimes a stylist will add in some volumefans to a loyal client's classic set, for a special occasion. If we have time, we may give you more lashes or work longer if you arrived a little late.  Regular clients are gems! I provide luxury services and I want to make sure you feel appreciated for choosing me.



Cancelations must be made with at least 24hrs advance notice. Anything less than 24hrs notice is considered, "last minute cancelation". 

Last minute cancelations or no-shows will incur a Reservation fee. Reservation fees do not pay for the service, but do pay for a portion of the reserved time slot and is non-refundable for last minute cancelations and no-shows.

Please understand the financial loss incurred when stylists are not given enough time to fill canceled time slots. Reservation Fees do not recover the full loss to the stylist. We are human so Rebel Studio does use discretion when giving allowances to loyal clients with good track records. If you are a newer client, this option is unavailable.

All clients, please immediately mark your calendar with alerts.


Late arrivals are allowed, however since other clients have reserved time slots after yours, your finish time will not be extended. A client that is 15min late for a 1hr reservation, must still pay the full price even if they use only 45min of their reserved spot. 

Most spas and lash technicians require a reschedule after 10-15min. Here are Rebel, the client is given the choice how to use their remaining time. If you are so late that you decide to cancel last minute or no-show, please read Cancelation Policy.


At no time does Rebel Studio share or sell information. All purchases and personal information are confidential. Our clients and any visitors or browsers of this website are not solicited or spammed with ads or offers. To receive seasonal offers, please inquire or opt in for email contact. signing up as a follower on Instagram and Rebel's Google business page will give you alerts on specials.

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