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Face Waxing

Contraindication means "caution" or "limitations". 

Please read the following warnings and booking Policies.

When wax is applied to the skin to remove hair, there is some very minor "exfoliating" of the skin surface. Waxing is never done on clients using Acctuate. Clients using Retin A, Renova, Differin, or other skin medications must take a 5 day break before face waxing. Individuals do react differently to these medications so if you feel like a patch test can help determine if waxing is okay for you...Please be clear about which medication you are taking and request a test.

Below are two lists:  

This list is where sticky waxing is not recommended.

Hard wax is best.

Medical Contraindications:

  • Accutane Clients must be off this medication a minimum 1yr prior to waxing.

  • Adapalene (acne med)

  • Alustra (Retin A)

  • Avage (acne med)

  • Avita (Retin A)

  • Differin (acne med)

  • Isotretinoin (see Accutane)

  • Renova (Retin A)

  • Retin A (anti-aging)

  • Tazorac (acne med)

  • Tazarotene (acne med)

  • Tretinoin (Retin A)

 Clients must check their medication prior to waxing. Ask your doctor, prior to waxing, if you are not sure!

Common Contraindications:

No waxing over these at any time:

  • Moles 

  • Sunburns

  • Open wounds

  • Raised varicose veins

Client avoid 7 days* prior to wax:

  • Avoid Acne medications not listed above.

  • Bleaching agents on skin, hair or upper lip.

  • Skin bleaching or pigment lightening creams.

  • Depilatories and removal creams such as Nair

  • Benzoyl Peroxide (ProActive) 

  • Chemical Peels by Esthetician  

  • Chemical Peel by a physician (*wait 2yrs)

  • Oral Antibiotics

  • Topical Antibiotics (*seek physician first)

  • Retinol (If client wants a patch test)

Client avoid for 24hrs post wax:

  • No Vigorous Exfoliating 

  • No Hot baths 

  • No sun or booth tanning

  • No deodorant after under-arm wax

Things to avoid prior, during and after the service:


Rescheduling & Cancelations must be made within 48hrs advance notice. Less than 48hrs can incur a  40-50% reservation fee.

No shows will incur a 100% reservation fee. 

Reservation fees pay for the reserved time slot.

Please understand the financial loss incurred when an esthetician is not given the chance to rebook another client into canceled time slots. Reservation Fees do not recover the full loss to the esthetician. We are human so Rebel does use discretion when giving allowances to loyal clients with good track records. If you are a newer client, we are unable to offer this option. All clients, please immediately mark your calendar with alerts.


Late arrivals are allowed, however since other clients have reserved time slots after yours, your finish time will not be extended. A client that is 15min late for a 1hr reservation, must still pay the full price even if they use only 45min of their reserved spot. In this case you will only get as much service, that is possible in 45min, but still paying full original price.

If you are so late that you decide you want to cancel last minute or no-show, please see read the entire Cancelation Policy.

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