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Shadowing & Mentorship

This is a great option for:

Those who are considering entering the esthetics field but need guidance to start.

For those who felt their training was lacking and need supplementation.

For those who cannot find a mentor to confide in and receive feedback.

If you are struggling, do not be afraid to reach out for support.

    Zoom Calls

    30 MIN Chat

    Wednesday mornings Only:

    • Can be about anything, examples;

    1. How much does it cost to go to school & begin working.

    2. How long before I make an income?

    3. Where to source product for beginners on a budget. 

    4. How to charge your worth.

    5. Curate a custom course with me, tailored to you. 

    6. Get advice on retention issues.

    7. How to market yourself for better SEO.



    My studio 

    ONE DAY  Shadowing Includes:

    • You watch me work & I watch you work on your client.

    • Location is my studio.

    • At my studio I can;

    1. Observe your technique

    2. Observe your posture & micro-movements.

    3. Answer any questions you want to ask.

    4. Feedback on hand pressure & client comforts.

    5. Allow you to see & test a lash brand you have yet to try. 

    $400 3hrs


    My studio or yours

    ONE DAY  Shadowing Includes:

    • You watch me work and/or I watch you work.

    • I can watch you at my studio or yours (price based on distance)

    • At your studio I can;

    1. "Calibrate" your environment

    2. Test your temp & humidity​

    3. Observe if your adhesive is compatible

    4. Observe your posture & efficiency of setup.

    5. Give customer-based feedback on studio comforts.

    6. Rate your product quality 

    7. Suggest more compatible products.

    8. Briefly practice some techniques after client leaves.

    9. Includes follow up texts to check in on your success.

    $750 4hrs, My studio
    $....   Your studio.

    Priced by distance

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